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Excellent Infrastructure

  • Modern and efficient multilingual banking and & financial Services sector.
  • Strategic location and time zone, excellent air and sea connections and telecommunications.
  • Professional and efficient Government services and tax authorities combined with a mature professional services sector.
  • Low expense level for professional and financial services in general compared to other EU jurisdictions.
  • Financial and business services are fast becoming the main cornerstone of the Cyprus Economy. The island is now a well established location for the channeling of international investments into Europe, Russia, the CIS, China and the Middle East.
  • Keeping up with Cyprus' rise as a leading international business center, the island's banking sector has gone from strength to strength. Its sophisticated banking sector now includes more than 40 international and domestic banks.
  • English is the most widely used business language. The Cyprus Legal System is based on English Common Law.

Investor friendly Authorities

The Cyprus Government offers advantageous provisions relating to holding, finance and royalty companies.

Together with English based financial and legal systems, a government sector willingness to support the business community and the underlying infrastructure constantly invested in to maintain high standards.